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Date: 10/12/2015

Heure 07 November 2015 - 21 February 2016
Événement: HAYEZ

The exhibition represents the most complete and updated monographic exhibition on Francesco Hayez (Venice 1791 - Milan 1882), more than thirty years by the important exhibition in Milan in 1983, and gathers in one place more than 100 paintings and frescoes of the 'artist, including three of the Cariplo Foundation collection on display in the permanent galleries dedicated to the nineteenth of Piazza Scala, The Death of Abradatas, built in 1813, Pope Urban II on the square in Clermont preached the First Crusade of 1835 and the last interview Jacopo Foscari with his family, known as the Two Foscari, painted between 1838 and 1840.

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