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Faenza 1882 - 1907

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He was born in Faenza on December 16, 1882 the son of Thomas and Mary Magdalene Netherlands Baccarini. He studied at the School "Tommaso Minardi" in Faenza and has as a teacher in plastic and sculpture Maximum Campello and design the school's director Antonio Berti who is also seeking to experience the glazed earthenware, following the experience of the developed ceramics in Faenza. After graduating, thanks to the support of Berti and economic aid of the City, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence staying in the Tuscan city - in a discontinuous way - from 1900 to 1903. During the Florentine Baccarini know people such as Gino Severini, Raul Dal Molin Ferenzona, Joseph Vernier, Costetti Giovanni and Lorenzo Viani. In 1902 he visited the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Turin in 1903 and the International Art Biennale in Venice. During this period he became romantically involved with Elizabeth Santolini called Bitta who became his model for many works. After a period of work at the pottery factory of the brothers Minardi and factories Gather of Ceramics in Faenza, he moved to Rome, where in 1904, the relationship with the Bitta, was born the daughter of Maria Theresa, who then died young at the age of twenty-five years due to tuberculosis. In early 1904 he was admitted to the School of Nude of the French Academy. In Rome, goes with the house of John Prini where he met artists such as Umberto Boccioni, Giacomo Balla, the musician Alberto Gasco and writers Guelph Cevenini and Joseph Baffico. He exhibited at the editorial office of "La Patria", directed by Joseph Baffico, and finds work as a cartoonist. Successfully participated at the Regional Exhibition of Romagna Ravenna. Back in Faenza in 1905 working in the production of models for workshops and performs Minardi sculptures and drawings, three of which were exhibited at the Venice Biennale VI. In 1906 participates at the invitation of Antonio Pica at the Exhibition of Fine Arts held in Milan on the occasion of the International Exhibition for the opening of the Simplon Pass in Faenza exposes the first exhibition of the Society of Awakening Citizen, Roman contributed to the magazine "L'Avanti's Sunday, "began working with Beltramelli for the illustration of his novels. Abandoned by Bitta and driven by economic necessity returns to Rome where he made a series of drawings showing the work in the fields for the "House of Bread", charity desired by Faenza Sangiorgi. The poor physical condition of Domenico Baccarini worsens rapidly during this second stay in Rome so as to force him to return to Faenza, where he died Jan. 31, 1907. Source: Wikipedia.



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